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Community Health Van

Updated: May 10, 2023
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Community health vans offer several strategic advantages over fixed medical offices. First, they run all kinds of service models, providing expanded reach to underserved populations. These service models include everything from primary care services to HIV/AIDS mobile clinics and university healthcare programs.

In today’s COVID-19 area, community health vans have also increased prominence, with many mobile medical outreach services pivoting towards full testing, triage, and telehealth services.

Keep reading to learn more about community health vans, including the benefits of community health vans, the types of services offered, and why you should consider TESCO Specialty Vehicles for your next new or used mobile medical vehicle.

Community Health Van

In The United States, What Affiliations And Funding Sources Do Community Health Vans Have?

According to the Mobile Health Clinics In the United States study by the International Journal for Equity in Health (2020), the leading affiliations for mobile health clinics were independent/non-profit organizations (29%) and hospital systems (29%), based on 286 clinics reporting data. In third and fourth place are university-affiliated systems (24%) and health centers (19%)

With funding sources, philanthropy accounted for 52%, while federal and public insurance programs follow at 37% and 36%, respectively (281 clinics reporting)

Community Health Van Interior

What Types Of Community Health Vans Does TESCO Specialty Vehicles Offer?

TESCO Specialty Vehicles offers a wide variety of new and used mobile community health clinics. They come in different sizes and floor plans, starting from smaller 23′ Ford E350 one-room mobile medical clinics with one passenger/driver capacity to 40′ Freightliner S2C three-room clinics with a wheelchair ramp and a blood draw chair.

We also have 29′ CargoMate mobile lab clinic trailers with and without waiting rooms, as well as dental clinics and used specialty clinics. Many of them have less than 60,000 miles on them for exceptional value.

You can find mobile clinic trailers here and here.

Our in-house graphic design team is ready to work with you to adorn vehicle siding with custom graphics. Graphics may include your brand logo, locations served, phone number, website, and other contact information for instant branding opportunities with every new site visited.

To view our mobile testing clinic inventory, visit our inventory.

Benefits Of Using TESCO Specialty Vehicles For Community Health Vans

Excellent Return on Investment

According to Mobile Health Map, a leading mobile clinic research site, the average return with a mobile health program is 12 to 1, meaning $12 saved for every $1 spent. Other stats include but are not limited to a decline in emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and missed school attendance for the communities they serve.

For more information on ROI, visit the Mobile Health Map’s Impact Report


Expanding healthcare access to underserved populations like the low-income, elderly, and homeless has long been a strength of community health vans. However, according to a GoodRx report, more than 67 million Americans live an average of 22 miles away from a COVID-19 testing center, with the greatest percentage of affected folks residing in Ohio, Michigan, and Texas.

This fact alone makes mobile rural health care clinics and community health vans more critical, bringing health services to these populations with lower startup costs and greater scheduling flexibility.


Our community health vans are designed like Class A RVs with one or multiple rooms, including waiting areas and compact exam rooms. These rooms can accommodate all equipment needed for your health practice, such as sterilizing facilities and processing areas.

Who Do Community Health Vans Serve?

Community health vans keep their fleet in large swathes of the country. They serve a large percentage of uninsured and low-income residents who do not have immediate access to health care. Similarly, vulnerable populations include the homeless and public housing residents.

Rural community, from the air

What Kind Of Health Services Can Be Provided In A Community Health Van?

Community health clinics offer a variety of healthcare services.

Some of these services may include:

  • Primary care
  • Dental care
  • Prenatal care
  • Preventive health screenings
  • Blood donation
  • University/college mobile clinic
  • Mobile dental clinic
  • Disease awareness
  • HIV/AIDS mobile clinic
  • Decentralized clinical trials

Additionally, community health vans accommodate all of the same equipment found in fixed medical clinics, such as computers for patient data storage, patient chairs, waiting areas, fixed/ambient lighting, disinfection, and x-ray equipment.

Community health van, interior with cabinets and a desk with chair

How Do I Decide Which Community Health Van Is Right For My Organization?

When deciding on a community health van for your organization, there are many factors to consider.

Floor Plan

Are you anticipating high patient inflow? Two or three exam-room mobile medical clinics with waiting areas may be on the cards.

Moving Frequency

How frequently do you plan on moving? We offer towable trailers and drivable vehicles.

Financing Options

With new and used community health vans purchasable or leasable on a per-month basis (minimum of six months), we can explore your options depending on budgets and payment options.


Are you looking for specialized equipment? Our inventory has a ton of ready-to-use new and used equipment in stock, including Proma dental chairs, Ritter exam tables, Ritter blood draw chairs, medical grade freezers, and Accucold vaccine storage units.

For a complete list of items in stock, visit our inventory.

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