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Mobile Women’s Health Clinic

Updated: May 10, 2023
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Today, mobile women’s health clinics perform various health services for the patients they serve. For example, all health services performed at a brick-and-mortar women’s health center can be performed in a mobile women’s health clinic, such as OB-GYN, fertility, and mammography screenings.

According to a study by the International Journal for Equity in Health (2020), Mobile Health Clinics in the United States, gender distribution for the average number of new visitors was 55% female-female, 44% male (with 253 mobile clinics reporting an average of 2713 visits annually). With such high female representation, the need for well-equipped mobile medical vehicles is at a solid point today.

Keep reading to learn more about mobile women’s health clinics, including the types of services performed and how TESCO Specialty Vehicles can help you find the right new or used vehicle for your health organization.

Mobile women's health clinic bus

What Services Do Mobile Women’s Health Clinics Perform?

Mobile women’s health clinics perform various women’s preventive and routine care services.

One of the most popular services is reproductive health services, which include prenatal/postpartum care, STI screenings, pregnancy testing, and HIV/AIDs mobile clinic services . These mobile pregnancy clinics equally target the general population and high-risk groups such as the homeless, recently arrived, and substance abusers.

Another popular mobile women’s health clinic service is digital mammography, which tests for breast cancer, osteoporosis, and bone densitometry. Mammography clinics can take upwards of nine months for an appointment in fixed clinics, making mobile medical clinics critical in reaching underprivileged and underserved areas.

Mobile women’s health clinics accommodate all the medical equipment needed to serve patients like fixed clinics. For example, a 7-meter long by 3-meter wide by 2-meter high mobile obstetrics and gynecology unit has more than enough space for astrograph/ultrasound machines, examination tables, digital scales, exam lamps, wall-mounted negatoscopes, and other essential tools of the trade.

Note: mobile women’s health clinic professionals have many of the same credentials as fixed clinic professionals. Expect your free mammography truck to be staffed by licensed and certified technicians with screenings performed by board-certified radiologists.

Mobile women's health clinic interior

What Types Of Mobile Women’s Health Clinic Vehicles Does TESCO Specialty Vehicles Offer?

TESCO Specialty Vehicles offers a variety of new and used mobile medical vehicles, spanning one-room configurations to three-room setups with blood draw chairs, wheelchair lifts, and other essential equipment.

One of our preferred options for mobile women’s health clinics is the 30′ Ford E450, which features a front exam room, middle room, and rear exam room. This floor plan allows clinics to keep patient inflow respectable and separates areas for patient intake, consulting, and examining patients. Other add-ons also work to improve patient comforts, such as retractable exterior awnings, handrails, and hydraulic stabilization systems that help restrict vehicle movement while patients are receiving services.

To view our inventory, visit our inventory page.

Mobile women's health clinic doctor performs an ultrasound on a patient

Benefits Of Using TESCO Specialty Vehicles For Mobile Women’s Health Clinics

Improved Access

According to Mobile Health Map’s Impact Report, the top target populations for mobile medical clinics are the uninsured, low-income, rural, homeless, and veterans. These services include COVID-19 testing. Combined with a GoodRx Health report that found more than 67 million Americans live an average of 22 miles away from the closest COVID-19 testing site, our vehicles significantly benefit the people they serve.

On top of being present in vulnerable communities, mobile women’s health clinics help address additional barriers to care services, such as limited hours of operation, linguistic barriers, anonymity concerns, and insurance status. In addition, many women are much more comfortable attending a mobile women’s health clinic than a fixed clinic.


Mobile Health Map says mobile clinics enjoy a 12: 1 average return on investment, meaning $12 saved for every $1 spent. This ROI stat is backed by data supporting fewer emergency department visits each year and other reactive health measures resulting from mobile clinic access. With many mobile clinics supported by HRSA grant funding, this ROI is even greater.

Improved Health Outcomes

According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, the percentage of clients who agreed to undergo human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) screening was higher at a mobile health clinic versus a traditional clinic (54.4% vs. 7.1%). Likewise, the percentage of positive HIV tests was also higher at a mobile health clinic than at a conventional clinic.

Favorable stats also exist vouching for a mobile health clinic’s ability to help women initiate preventative care, manage chronic disease, and enable self-efficacy in an often-times complex healthcare system.

Mobile Women's Health Clinic interior cabinets and exam room

About TESCO Specialty Vehicles

TESCO Specialty Vehicles offers a complete line of new and used mobile women’s health vehicles, from small one-room setups to expansive three exam-room models with waiting rooms. They can be purchased or leased with a 6-month minimum commitment, all with nationwide delivery.

Our experienced staff is on hand to help you find the right mobile clinic for your women’s health organization. Every consultation will factor in your organization’s purpose, budget, intake flow, needs, and timeframe requirements. As a result, TESCO Specialty Vehicles can deliver some in-stock mobile clinics ready to start accepting new patients in a week.

We also offer full customization through a dedicated, in-house graphic design team. Let our graphic design team provide a powerful branding opportunity, better connecting you with the populations you serve.

To view our inventory, visit our inventory page.

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