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Mobile Dental Clinic

Updated: May 9, 2023
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Mobile dental clinics are integral in expanding access to oral health care to underserved communities. They provide the same quality of preventative and restorative oral health care as traditional dental clinics while providing lower startup costs, greater scheduling flexibility, and diversified income streams.

Please keep reading to learn more about mobile dental clinics, including what mobile dental clinics are, benefits of mobile dental clinics, and how TESCO Specialty Vehicles can help you find the right mobile dental vehicle to suit your patients.

Mobile dental clinic shuttle bus

What Types Of Mobile Dental Vehicles Does TESCO Specialty Vehicles Offer?

TESCO Specialty Vehicles offers a wide range of floor plans, such as two-room mobile dental units with wheelchair lifts, two exam room units, and three-room clinics equipped with dental, exam, and blood draw space.

These dental RVs come in different chassis’, capacity, body, engine, and GVWR configurations, from the modest 28′ Ford E450 to the 40′ Freightliner S2C.

Some of our dental clinic floor plans:

Two Room Mobile Dental Unit with Wheelchair Lift
Two Exam Room Wheelchair Accessible Mobile Dental Unit
Three Room Clinic with Dental, Blood Draw & Exam

Mobile dental clinic bus interior

Benefits Of Using TESCO Specialty Vehicles For Mobile Dental Clinics

Lower Startup Costs

According to a report by Dental Economics, the total cost of a mobile dental clinic could cost as little as $40,000 versus as high as $250,000 for traditional dental offices. With TESCO Specialty Vehicles, lower startup costs are complemented by different financial options for new and used vehicles on a flat fee or lease program (minimum of six months). No wonder our mobile dental clinics are a popular option for mobile rural health care.

Improved Reach

Mobile dental clinics allow for greater access to care in underrepresented neighborhoods with low-income and elderly populations far from traditional dental offices.

Excellent Outfitting

Don’t let a mobile dental clinic’s floor plan fool you. They can accommodate much of the same equipment as fixed dental clinics, outfitted with wheelchair lifts, imaging equipment, and other features for easier access.

Different Floor Plans

TESCO Specialty Vehicles new and used mobile dental vehicles come in different floor plans, from the simpler one-room trailer mobile clinic to a larger option with a waiting area and two exam rooms.

If you do not see your desired floor plan in our inventory, one of our sales representatives would be happy to help you explore your options while working towards a budget and completion timeframe. Remember, many of our mobile dental vehicles are already in stock and do not take months to configure, unlike many other mobile clinic providers. We also offer nationwide delivery.

Rapid Turnaround

Many of our mobile dental clinics are already in stock, deliverable in as little as a week.

Graphics Options

Our in-house design team can help you bring your brand to life. Remember, a mobile medical clinic allows you to show your clinic’s branding everywhere you go at no cost.

What Kind Of Dental Services Can Be Provided In A Mobile Dental Clinic?

The same dental procedures performed in fixed dental offices apply to mobile dental clinics. These include periodontics, oral surgery, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, and implantology.

Mobile dental clinic dentist working in patient's open mouth with dental tools

What Is The Mobile Dental Services Model For Rural Communities?

Rural communities are one of the biggest beneficiaries of mobile dental services. According to the Rural Health Information Hub, various funding streams reimburse districts for mobile health services, including state Medicaid programs, fundraisers, and local organizations.

One of the country’s most popular mobile dental programs is the Delta Dental Mobile Program. Since 2004, it has provided free dental care to 6000+ kids in South Dakota each year. It uses two 40-foot-long mobile dental clinic trucks, staffed by a passionate team of dentists, hygienists, and coordinators who cruise through American Indian reservations.

Outside of preventative services and restorative care, the Delta Dental Mobile Program also provides ongoing oral health education to help limit future visits.

For more information on the Delta Dental Mobile program, visit Delta Dental of South Dakota.

Does TESCO Specialty Vehicles Offer Equipment With Each Vehicle?

One advantage TESCO Specialty Vehicles has over other providers is in-stock inventory of specialized equipment. Commonly installed equipment in our mobile dental clinics include Belmont Pro II dental chairs, wall mount disposal systems, cabinets, and 13-foot exterior awnings.

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