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Discover our Mobile Medical Units (MMU) for sale, designed for comprehensive healthcare on the move. Specializing in providing services such as mobile pharmacy, mobile dosing, and mobile medicine treatment, our units are designed to offer a discreet, safe, and supportive environment for promoting sustained recovery.

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About TESCO Specialty Vehicles’ Mobile Medical Units

As a market leading dealer in mobile medication assisted treatment clinics for sale, TESCO Specialty Vehicles offers unique expertise to organizations dedicated to delivering comprehensive, evidence-based, and high-quality treatment. Our expert team includes members with operational experience designing and deploying mobile medicine treatment vans. Our experts will guide you through each step of the journey.

Our innovative, purpose-built mobile unit design is tailored for maximum quality treatment services, offering a range of services such as medication-assisted treatment, behavioral health counseling, harm reduction initiatives, telehealth, and more. We’ve carefully considered every detail to expedite the approval process for your mobile medical unit’s service delivery, ensuring you can start saving lives.

Advantages of Mobile Medical Units

Advantages of Our Mobile Units:

Accessibility & Convenience

Reach individuals in rural or underserved communities where transportation barriers hinder access to treatment facilities.

Reduces Stigma

Our purpose-built units provide a discreet and non-judgmental environment, easing apprehension associated with seeking treatment.

Promoting Long-Term Recovery

Foster ongoing support and follow-up care by scheduling regular visits to communities, reinforcing recovery efforts.

Comprehensive Care

Our mobile clinics support a range of services, staffed with qualified medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, SUDP counselors, and peer support specialists.

Why Choose TESCO Mobile Medical Units?

For over 50 years, we have been a leading dealer of high-quality specialty vehicles. Whether you are looking for a new or used mobile healthcare van or bus for sale, you’ll find the perfect solution in our extensive inventory.

10 out of 10. I have recommended TESCO to multiple organizations that are seeking a mobile health solution. When recommending, I’ve highlighted the excellent customer services, the collaboration during the design period, the short delivery timeline, the competitive pricing, and the overall quality of the delivered vehicle.


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TESCO Mobile Clinic Features

With over 55 years of experience helping our customers purchase the right vehicles, we understand that every project is unique.


    • Interior Layout: Choose cabinets, equipment and seating arrangements tailored to your mobile clinic.
    • Technology: Incorporate modern clinical amenities like Wi-Fi, security systems, computers, and more.
    • Branding: Personalize the exterior with your logo and desired color scheme.
    • Sustainability: Opt for lasting functionality, durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness throughout your vehicle’s life.

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