Purpose-Built Mobile Office Specialty Vehicles

We specialize in providing purpose-built mobile office solutions, including mobile office units and trailers for sale.

Mobile Office Interior
Mobile Office Interior

About TESCO Specialty Vehicles Mobile Office Solutions

For over 50 years, TESCO Specialty Vehicles has served as a leading dealer of purpose-built mobile offices, offering quick delivery times of 120 days or less for mobile units and trailers. Our expertise positions us as a trusted dealer, dedicated to providing prompt and efficient workspace solutions. Notably, our innovative leasing program further enhances the accessibility of our offerings. Our office on wheels is carefully designed for adaptable work environments, delivering convenient and high-quality workspace solutions. Whether you are seeking a new or used mobile office unit for sale, an office trailer for sale, our knowledgeable team is ready to guide you in selecting the ideal vehicle tailored to your specific needs.

Bring Flexible Workspace Anywhere

Our mobile office specialty vehicle is equipped with everything you need to offer quality working space and comfort.

Adaptable Office Space Solutions

Our offerings include high-quality commercial-grade materials and equipment, featuring custom cabinets with Corian countertops.

Site Accessibility

Extending the reach of workspace to remote or temporary locations, providing a dedicated office space to meet your team’s needs with commercial power options designed to meet the rigors of remote work on the road.

Privacy and Comfort

Every new and used mobile office specialty vehicle, whether it’s a unit or a trailer, is designed with privacy and comfort in mind, offering an “in-office” experience in any location.

Project Efficiency

A mobile office specialty vehicle, including mobile units and trailers, helps streamline communication, coordination, and overall productivity on construction sites, enterprise projects, schools, temporary offices and more.

Why Choose a TESCO Specialty Vehicles Mobile Office?

  • Purpose-Built: Our mobile office vehicles, including units and trailers, are built to your specific needs, offering flexibility in size, layout, and features to create an optimal workspace.

  • Mobility: Equipped with features for easy transportability, our mobile office units and trailers can be relocated to varied locations easily, ensuring accessibility wherever you go.

  • Built to Last: Each mobile office unit and trailer is built to withstand the demands of various office uses, providing a reliable and consistent workspace solution for years.

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced team seeks to understand your unique needs and can help you choose the right mobile office unit or trailer to meet your requirements while focusing on providing an exceptional customer experience.

10 out of 10. I have recommended TESCO to multiple organizations that are seeking a mobile health solution. When recommending, I’ve highlighted the excellent customer services, the collaboration during the design period, the short delivery timeline, the competitive pricing, and the overall quality of the delivered vehicle.


Mobile Office Interior
Mobile Office Interior

TESCO Specialty Vehicles Mobile Office Features

At TESCO Specialty Vehicles, we recognize that every project is unique. Our experience in helping numerous businesses choose the perfect new and used mobile office solutions, including units and trailers, has allowed us to refine our processes and provide a tailored buying experience to meet all your needs.


    • Workspace Customization: Choose the perfect size, layout, and equipment for your mobile office unit or trailer to meet the specific demands of your projects.

    • Technology Integration: Incorporate the latest technologies for an “in-office” level of service, enhancing collaboration, and offering a memorable experience.

    • Branding Options: Personalize the exterior of your mobile office unit or trailer to align with your business, color scheme, and brand messaging.

    • Sustainability Features: Opt for eco-friendly features to reduce your environmental footprint.

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