Purpose-Built Mobile Pediatric Clinic Specialty Vehicles

We design and build mobile pediatric clinic specialty vehicles to help our customers provide accessible and high-quality healthcare services to their pediatric population.

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About TESCO Specialty Vehicles Mobile Pediatric Clinics

For over 50 years, TESCO Specialty Vehicles has been providing purpose-built healthcare vehicles. Our state-of-the-art mobile health vehicles are tailored to help providers meet the unique healthcare needs of young patients. Whether you are looking for a new or used pediatric mobile clinic, our dedicated team of industry experts is ready to assist you in selecting the right vehicle for your needs.

Bring High-Quality Mobile Pediatrics to your Local Community

Our pediatric mobile clinic specialty vehicle offers everything that you need to provide quality mobile pediatrics in a modern and private setting that ensures the comfort of both medical staff and patients.

Privacy and Comfort

Every mobile pediatric clinic is designed with patient privacy and comfort in mind.

Community Impact

Make an impact in your local community by offering equal access to mobile pediatrics while promoting healthcare support services and awareness among patients and their families.

Patient-Centric Care

Deliver specialized healthcare services that are tailored to the unique needs of young patients.


Expand the reach of your practice and offer mobile pediatrics directly to where your patients live and play.

Why Choose a TESCO Specialty Vehicles Mobile Pediatric Clinic?

 For more than 50 years, we have been a leading provider of high-quality purpose-built pediatric mobile clinic vehicles.


    • Purpose-Built: Our pediatric mobile clinic vehicles can be built to suit your specific needs, from seating arrangements to the required medical equipment, we work closely with you to create a comprehensive solution.
    • Mobility: Built with mobility and accessibility in mind, our mobile pediatric clinic vehicles allow you to offer high-quality healthcare services anywhere that you need to reach your patients.
    • Built to Last: Each mobile pediatric clinic is built to withstand the rigors of regular use and time, ensuring reliable and consistent healthcare services for many years to come.
    • Expert Guidance. With decades of experience in the healthcare industry, our knowledgeable team understands the unique needs of pediatric practices and can help you choose the right mobile healthcare vehicle for your needs.

Working with the great team at Tesco Specialty Vehicles took a lot of the challenges and stress in making such a significant financial decision easy! They are extremely experienced and use feedback from clients to make constant improvements to their vehicles. I would highly recommend Tesco Specialty Vehicles.

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TESCO Specialty Vehicles Mobile Pediatric Clinic Features

At TESCO Specialty Vehicles, we understand that each project is unique. Our experience helping countless providers choose the perfect new and used mobile pediatric clinics for their practices has allowed us to refine our processes and provide a streamlined, hassle-free buying experience.


    • Interior Layout: Choose the perfect configuration and equipment for your mobile pediatric clinic vehicle.
    • Technology: Incorporate the latest technologies to provide an “in-office” level of care for your young patients.
    • Branding: Personalize the exterior of your mobile pediatric clinic to fit your practice, desired color scheme, and messaging.

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Find the Perfect Mobile Pediatric Clinic for your Practice

We are dedicated to helping you make a difference in the lives of your patients, their families, and your local community.

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